Don’t Use Aggressive Sales Templates for Your Email Funnels

Does anyone else loathe aggressive sales templates?

She is clearly not getting clients. The videos might be free sessions she did, likw my reviews are. I think she is following some bad advice form someone – it can’t be her intuitive self saying the crap she says in her emails. She is extemely negative – trying to super drive home the pains points people are feeling and make herself the answer – like she’s forced all of her problems into submission. I like to be positive and I dont feel like I need people to need me.

My advice to someone like melanie would be:

Write from the heart and lead by example. Show people how you’ll treat them when you speak with them. Are you going to point out all their flaws and capitalize on their pain? No? Then why are you doing that in your funnels and lead pages?

Intuitive coaches and healers show people what is best in them, they bring out the light – the help people understand their greatest power lies within. We don’t need to make people feel like they need us – that’s a codependent business model and suggests we’ve trusted bad advisors, don’t know how to write copy well, or aren’t sure who we are in our business yet.

Following your intuition when it comes to your business can be tricky. You’re new to online business, and you’re excited, seeing people all around who seem to be doing great. It’s easy to get caught up in their systems, strategies, and style – but you’re not them. You’re magical, and not in the unicorn frappicino way – in the gifted and guided way.  [Maybe taylor rose would like to help run a community for gifted/guided folks who want masterminds or something].

Keep on top of your email funnel. If any of the text or information needs updating – make sure it gets done promptly. Don’t send a “glad you watched my webinar” email with a link to the replay to someone who is scheduled to see your “live” standing room only, “make sure you get there early so you don’t miss out – not sure if there will even be a replay” webinar two days from now. Glad I didn’t make time to be there when she specified, knowing it’s not live and there is a replay now.

Don’t put an offer up for a free HOUR LONG call with you where you promise to provide a solid plan for the person to move forward with their challenges. Free – an hour – to every person who wants it. If you were busy in your busy you wouldn’t be doing that – even if you’re not busy with calls – offering a free hour is not typical, and not feasible for someone who has projects going on.

Also – if someone signs up for your webinar – don’t send them five emails with 24 hours.

You dont have to lie to me or manipulate me to get my email address – just write good stuff and make me want more from you.


A day later – Also, I love that Paula doesn’t have an email opt-in. She just provides great content and people sign up because they want to hear more about themsleves – content that gives them hope or tells them they are good enough just as they are to love themselves, info that gives them tools to use what they have in their best interests (and everyone elses’ as a bonus). This is inbound marketing (is it?).

Gifted people notice more than others do. They don’t need it pummeled into their heads that your products will be exactly what they need. They can figure that out for themselves and they will love you for not being like everyone else.

Sure, psychological tactics can still work on us, sometimes even after we’ve recognized you’re using them – but you’re showing up how you roll. Do you want to manipulate your clients into thnking they need you like a codependent abusive relationship – or do you watn clients who don’t play those games and who are ready and actively seeking out what is best for them.

Show your potential readers and clients that you trust they are their own best authority and you are someone who will give them the confidence and show them the self-concept that will help them help themselves for years to come.

If we don’t like marketing because it feels icky – we can change this paradigm.


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Stop Using Templates When Your Own Voice Will Connect to Your Audience

Is Your Voice Not Coming Through in Your Sales Copy?

Another day later. I noticed Melanie can write well in her facebook group when its not a template. It’s only her sales copy that sounds terrible and aggressive.

I think writing from template is the problem for us intuitives. Our own voice is what we use when we are helping people, our connection to intuition and inspired thinking. Lets ditch the templates and start all of our writing in a business journal.

Let your inspired voice come through by writing a letter to a person (not to send, just to get the right tone). Let if flow. Be yourself. If you believe in what you have to sell and are not motivated by lack which means you’re attached to outcomes and hold expectations which impedes what you’re really driven by – a mutually beneficial values-based service that offers immeasurable growth and satisfaction for both parties involved.

Be the conduit you are in all areas of your business. Let messages from others reach you as they are meant to, but then them go as you channel your own message to us.

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