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SEO Content Writer for Healers and Coaches

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Engaging content creates community around your mission and is essential to the trust-building process with new prospects and readers. 

You need an SEO content writer who understands the language of healing, justice, and consciousness as well as algorithms, design, and Instagram.

Work with me to develop well-researched content that delivers your authentic voice to the page. Bring your mission to life in marketing materials, web copy, blog posts, course slides, video and graphic design.


SEO Content Writer / Health and Wellness Writer



Together we can create:

Cohesive, personalized branding

Editorial calendars

Instagram success plan

Course outlines

Your annual business/content goals

Audience personas

Titles and taglines

Long-form Blog Posts (1,000-2,500 words)


Royalty-free images



Promo images

Engaging CTAs

Formatted and published directly on your blog!

Whitepapers, Case Studies, and PDF E-Books

Identify new prospects and establish yourself as a thought leader in a non-salesy way with whitepapers.

Do you have customers excited to share their success with your product? You need a case study to show prospective clients what they can achieve!

Maybe a whitepaper is too serious for your audience. Short, downloadable e-books are a fun, reader-friendly way to showcase your topic.

SEO Content Writer

I'm an avid reader, writer, and researcher passionate about consciousness, healing, creativity, and online business. It's my pleasure to create content that informs, inspires and deeply connects with your unique audiences.

Check out my services page to find out how a freelance SEO content writer can help you grow your business! From videos to graphics, blogs to case studies, Instagram content to web copy - I'm the healer's helper!